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    • 10 feb 2024

      We came in on a weeknight with a reservation for a work dinner. We filled a long table. The interior is really cozy with lots of wood, decor and very on theme with their "black chicken" name.

      I tried the schnitzel which was good and also a dessert that featured plenty of cream. I ordered their house beer which I discovered when it came that it's a darker beer. Consider yourself warned if you're like me and prefer a lighter beer! It was fine. My second beer was lighter.

      There weren't many other guests so the staff was attentive, especially for our large party.

      Schnitzel with Pfefferlinge
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    • 10 feb 2024

      We sat outside because it was a warm, late summer evening. The beer is really good here. I was able to try two types of their beer as well as the soup, which was described as made with beer. The soup was delicious, as was the Schweinebraten.

      There was a seating area specifically for outside seating under the trees, probably because it was summer. There is also a lot of seating inside, which is probably good for winter.

      They came out to check on us and take our order an appropriate amount of times. Service was friendly and attentive enough. We were able to get our beers and order more when we ran out. This is a good place for beer and food in Fulda, and especially atmospheric in the summer when you can sit outside.

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    • Cocktailbars, Aziatisch fusion

      Charlottenburg, Berlijn

      31 jan 2024

      I booked a reservation for the same evening (on a weeknight) on OpenTable because I was sure that I could come. They have a fee if you cancel the reservation.

      Because I was early, the restaurant was nearly empty, but by the time my meal was finished, the restaurant was quite lively.

      I started my meal with a negroni, which was very good. They encourage ordering water, which I did. Instead of doing the regular appetizer and main course, I ordered some of the small plates, including scallops and the cabbage. Everything was delicious and also ornately presented. Seriously, presentation is part of the attraction at this restaurant.

      Service was excellent and the overall vibe was trendy. A little pricey, but you're not only here for the food, right?

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    • 31 jan 2024

      I happened by this restaurant as I was walking in the area and ramen sounded good for dinner so I went inside. It wasn't too crowded because I was a little bit early for dinnertime.

      The menu had both ramen and other options and it was also happy hour for cocktails. I tried two cocktails! There was also a seasonal menu with winter ingredients and options.

      For food I had the vegan bowl, which was very good. You're probably supposed to mix everything together in the bowl but I purposely kept them separated to enjoy the flavors individually.

      There is fun art on the walls, which I checked out on the way to the bathroom, which, by the way, is clean.

      This is a fun restaurant with a social media presence and I look forward to trying their other cocktails and food offerings when I'm back in town.

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    • Indiaas

      Angermünde, BB

      30 jan 2024

      We came in for lunch on a weekday and were welcomed in. There is an extensive menu, which includes a lunch menu.

      I ordered a curry from the lunch menu and it came with a small side salad with white dressing on it. The curry and rice were delicious, as was the beer from India. I also loved the garlic naan.

      Some locals also came in for lunch so this restaurant appears to be a popular lunch spot. I'm glad because the food was good and the restaurant appears to be a family business.

      There was plenty of seating inside. We even sat at a table for four even though there were only two of us.

      We came to this restaurant because it seemed like the best option for lunch in town and I believe we were correct.

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