Thai Fusion

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    Gesloten4:30 PM - 10:30 PM

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    Berenstraat 8

    1016 GH Amsterdam

    Negen Straatjes, Centrum


    • 4:30 PM - 10:30 PM


    • 4:30 PM - 10:30 PM

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    • Foto van Neisha M.
      Neisha M.
      Hollywood, Verenigde Staten
      2 mei 2019

      Food was delicious! We had fish cakes and Thai noodles and Thai fried rice. I was with two friends visiting Amsterdam. Ok I gave this place four stars instead of five because they charged for tap water!

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    • Foto van Peter K.
      Peter K.
      Santa Clarita, Verenigde Staten
      25 jul 2018

      Walking around canals looking for dinner location and found this place by accident.

      It was having a quiet evening so lots of seats. We chose to sit outside.

      Got talking to another couple from Detroit. Nice people, good chat.

      The food was delicious and pleanty to feed 2 from one single meal. Savory flavors with not too much heat, but if you wanted more heat it was there in the chilli sauce provided.

      Service was cheerful and friendly.

      This place does a thriving delivery business. The delivery lads were busily running in and out all evening.

      Great value for a delicious meal.

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    • Foto van Charly S.
      Charly S.
      Vancouver, Canada
      20 jun 2017

      This was one of the best meals we had on our trip!

      We were strolling around looking for a late dinner and stumbled across this place. They were close to closing but allowed us and another few guests in. The service was friendly but not very accurate (drink orders confused etc.) but it wasn't a big deal for us.

      The restaurant is small but well laid out and nicely decorated.

      The food was so fantastic; fresh and tasty! Many vegetarian options. Nicely presented. I'd go back again in a second.

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    • Foto van Maria R.
      Maria R.
      Glendale, Verenigde Staten
      18 mrt 2017

      Delicious chips before you order. Then I got Panang Kai. Tasty! Chicken very tender and fresh. Very good rice. And both were served in kettles, staying warm!

      Panang kai
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    • Foto van Cristen C.
      Cristen C.
      Portland, Verenigde Staten
      27 sep 2017

      I'm giving this restaurant 2 stars ONLY because the food was delicious. The server was incredibly rude and the reason for this review! We asked an other employee before we came inside if they were still serving when there was an hour and 15 minutes until their posted closing time and many diners inside. We were seated by our rude server who told us we had to leave 15 minutes before the posted closing time and she wanted to make sure we understood that.

      Not only did she omit one of our entrees entirely, she did not speak one word to us the entire meal though we tried to kindly engage her as her aggressive behavior was so incredibly awkward. It would be another thing if it were within 30 minutes of closing, but with over an hour before closing, there was plenty of time for a quick dinner for two.

      The server treated as though she did is a HUGE favor to allow us to dine here.

      I never write bad reviews, but with so many great choices in Amsterdam, don't waste your time or money in this place!

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    • Foto van Aye A.
      Aye A.
      Staten Island, Staten Island, Verenigde Staten
      1 okt 2019

      A cozy place with delicious food while we were in Amsterdam, staffs were also very nice and warm, highly recommend. Vegetarian friendly

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    • Foto van Alberto G.
      Alberto G.
      Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
      8 jul 2015

      When i first moved to the center I decided I wanted to try every single restaurant nearby to find my "local" spot. In my quest, I had dinner in this small but gezelling Thai restaurant in Elandsgracht. I have to say it's is not the best Thai I have ever had, however the great smiley service made up for it.
      I specially like their Phat Tai and their red curry.
      Additionally they have a small take away counter right next door where they prepare less complicated dishes with good ingredients at a rather inexpensive price. For the take away, bring cash as they do not accept any form of plastic.

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    • Foto van Kate Lý J.
      Kate Lý J.
      Los Angeles, Verenigde Staten
      8 okt 2017

      Small place but great food. The atmosphere was really calm and nice, and I loved the tofu vegetable yellow curry.

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    • Foto van Clem R.
      Clem R.
      Brussel, België
      15 aug 2013

      Nice service but I thought it was average for the price...
      A bit dark inside too.
      There is a lot on the menu.

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    • Foto van Isabel P.
      Isabel P.
      Belvedere Tiburon, Belvedere Tiburon, Verenigde Staten
      12 mrt 2019

      Good service our waiter was great . Good food, the food was amazing. Good for gluten free allergy. They have a separate menu.

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