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    • Foto van Tasha C.
      Tasha C.
      New Windsor, Verenigde Staten
      20 okt 2022
      Bijgewerkte review

      March 2016... the space is great. Place nice and also clean. Workers present that day were very nice . guy at desk took time to talk with us about some history and also about the artists.. suggested price except Sundays (free) is $7 but u can give whatever you have. I'm not really artsy so maybe i don't understand some of the pieces!? Maybe i was supposed to think deeper but I was 2 tired to think. I hear the art changes so everytime u go maybe something different.

      This is a pure review from my drafts folder written after that visit (not sure how Ive never checked that folder:( . I had to give them their props no matter how long ago!!

      Update 2022 I see they're listed temporarily closed I wonder if Covid affects.. Anyway I wish them well

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      30 mrt 2016Vorige review
    • Foto van Paul L.
      Paul L.
      Tucson, Verenigde Staten
      17 jan 2016

      I remember seeing one of the first major exhibitions of Chakaia Booker's rubber tire pieces here years ago. At the time, I don't know where else in the city I would have seen such a display. Now, her work appears in the collections of major art museums

      African-American artists are still woefully under-represented at leading art museums in the United States although it seems more museums are making an effort. Fortunately, the Studio Museum continues to showcase work by new and important artists of color.

      I used to visit here regularly when I lived in NYC and wish I could stop in more often now because there is always at least one artist whose work on display is something new for me. While that was certainly true on this time, I was glad to again see Elizabeth Catlett-Mora's 'Mother and Child, a life-sized mahogany figure. It's one of my favorite sculptures and it was like encountering an old friend.

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    • Foto van Teresa S.
      Teresa S.
      Forest Hills, Verenigde Staten
      29 jun 2015

      This museum had been on my place to visit list forever. I finally went with some friends on Uptown Friday's and was in for great surprise. We paid $7 for admission and saw some cool exhibits. The museum itself was small but spacious enough for you not be too cramped with other visitors. The staff were cool and friendly.

      After checking out the exhibits, we mingled in their spacious courtyard and jammed to some African-Neo Soul music that started off with just a few people. Within the hour the courtyard was packed and people were jamming and enjoying themselves. The crowd was diverse and mature and I really enjoyed the eclectic vibe of the event. After another hour or so we could hardly dance without being bumped into someone else.

      This is definitely an event to check out during the summer, this museum truly represents the new Harlem.

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    • Foto van Dominik D.
      Dominik D.
      Shreveport, Verenigde Staten
      10 dec 2017

      I've been to more than a dozen membership institutions of IDNYC, and this was the first one that did not offer free admission to someone who signed up for membership until after the paperwork is processed. The exhibits themselves are quite lovely. There seems to be an emphasis on contrasting colors and magical realism that makes you look twice at the everyday things.

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    • Foto van Paul N.
      Paul N.
      Honolulu, Verenigde Staten
      2 sep 2016

      Interesting art museum in the middle of the Harlem neighborhood. It's relatively small, but large enough so you can enjoy all the various paintings and sculptures by African-American artists. Front desk staff are pretty friendly and helpful. It's $7.00 for admission, which isn't too bad!

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    • Foto van Krina S.
      Krina S.
      Philadelphia, Verenigde Staten
      3 apr 2017

      Pretty interesting! An array of different types of artwork and exhibits. A couple of video installations as well. I think it's probably not worth it unless you come on a free Sunday.
      You could spend perhaps about 45 minutes here.

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    • Foto van Dewan A.
      Dewan A.
      Haledon, Verenigde Staten
      20 okt 2014

      Nice little Museum.

      1) They are free Sunday's. I will not recommend coming here if you have to pay the full price. However, the free Sunday's is awesome.
      2) It is a small museum, I was finished with the entire thing within hour.
      3) Overall, the exhibits are great. I found it to be unique and wonderful.

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    • Foto van Althea A.
      Althea A.
      Manhattan, Verenigde Staten
      11 mrt 2012

      Really, this place is more like a large gallery than a museum.
      There's one big room on the main floor, an alcove, a balcony, and two rooms downstairs.
      Right now, the main exhibit is on Romare Bearden and his influence. In general, this museum has much hero-worship of Romare Bearden going on. Which makes sense, since Bearden was arguably the most famous artist associated with the Harlem Renaissance.
      There's also an alcove featuring a video installation, and a few works by new, local artists. Downstairs is a chalk-on-chalkboard installation picturing an urban city block (and, umm, they should have sprayed it with fixative so visitors couldn't smudge it all over the place), and a small curated exhibition focusing on expressing identity through fashion.
      Definitely worth a visit, but not blow-you-away amazing.

      Free admission on Sundays.

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    • Foto van Quisha H.
      Quisha H.
      Palms, Los Angeles, Verenigde Staten
      21 jul 2013

      Wonderful art gem in the middle of Harlem. Happened to stroll by here this Sunday morning while checking out the street vendors, and saw it was free on Sundays so I decided to take a look. As most others have pointed out it really is an Art gallery more than a museum and not something you would spend more than an hour in really, but what they have is some really fantastic work. Definitely pieces you wouldn't get to enjoy elsewhere. If ever you find yourself in Harlem on a Sunday with some time to spare do yourself the favor of making a stop here.

      View from the upper gallery
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    • Foto van Darren P.
      Darren P.
      Manhattan, Verenigde Staten
      13 sep 2017

      Nice place in the gentrification side of Harlem. Lots of stuff to do and see inside, modern feel to this museum.

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