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    Gesloten5:00 PM - 4:00 AM (volgende dag)

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    Zeedijk 49

    1012 AR Amsterdam

    Centrum, De Wallen


    • 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM (volgende dag)


    • 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM (volgende dag)


    • 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM (volgende dag)


    • 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM (volgende dag)


    • 5:00 PM - 4:00 AM (volgende dag)


    • 5:00 PM - 4:00 AM (volgende dag)

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    • 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM (volgende dag)

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    Foto van Michael Bruynse J.

    Michael Bruynse J.

    Café ZILT specialiseert zich in lekkere smaken, met name op het gebied van bier en whisk(e)y. Van de circa 50 bieren zijn er altijd acht van het vat. Jupiler pils en Hertog Jan speciaalbier zijn vaste gegevens en verder is het steeds weer een verrassing hoe we de 'line-up' samenstellen. Blond, donker, zoet, bitter, Europees en Amerikaans; alles is mogelijk. Steeds vaker tappen we 'craft' bier van Amsterdamse brouwerijen zoals Brouwerij 't IJ, De Vriendschap, De 7 Deugden, Bouwerij Zeeburg en Oedipus. In onze kelder slapen flessen en fusten rustig door tot dat ene bijzondere moment. We houden ook van whisk(e)y en presenteren met trots een immer groeiend assortiment; de teller staat thans op honderd. Het grootste deel komt uit Schotland, maar ook Ierland, Japan, de V.S. en zelfs Frankrijk, Wales en Nederland zijn op onze planken vertegenwoordigd. We zijn geen snobs en delen graag onze kennis en enthousiasme voor deze prachtige producten met je. Naast een prachtig bier en whisk(e)y aanbod is de rest van ons assortiment van 'top shelf' kwaliteit. We schenken onder andere jenevers van 't Nieuwe Diep, Zacapa rum, Hendricks gin en binnenkort ambachtelijke likeuren van distilleerderij Berta uit Italie. Cafe ZILT organiseert regelmatig proeverijen van bieren en whiskies. Na reservering kunnen proeverijen ( ook op locatie ) voor groepen vanaf acht personen worden gegeven; het thema kan op specifieke wensen worden afgestemd. Komt allen en geniet van lekker en van lekker veel.

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    • Foto van Matthew L.
      Matthew L.
      San Diego, Verenigde Staten
      28 dec 2020

      Holy moly, this place was packed to the brim! It wasn't a large space by any means, as it was kind of like a slightly-wider-than-usual hallway with a bar. I don't know how they even fit that small jazz band in there, but they did!

      Really cool place with a great whiskey selection! Don't go inside wearing a jacket though, because you're going to end up taking it off within 2.7 seconds, you're better off taking it off before going in if the place is full because I almost tore my shoulder out trying to wiggle out of my jacket.

      Place seemed to be filled with mostly Dutch-speaking people, didn't notice too many tourists here.

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    • Foto van Jeff N.
      Jeff N.
      Seattle, Verenigde Staten
      9 okt 2017

      This place was awesome! Certainly a locals bar, but they seemed very welcoming to my wife can and I. Then again we try not to act like tourists, so maybe they were happy to see us. I was first drawn by the window sign saying "No Bieber, No Jaegerbombs, just good beer!"

      We walked in and found a seat and began browsing the beer list. Great selection of draft and bottles. After a few minutes of browsing, a local at the bar asked if I was looking for something in particular. We began a conversation and he seemed to know that I had some good taste, so he called the barman over for more options. The barman, Michael, asked a few questions then brought us a few tasters. Michael went to his cellar for me and brought out a very tasty beer. My wife chose a beer from the tap which included some chocolates.

      We engaged several locals in conversation and felt very comfortable there. Michael and the other Barman were very thoughtful and efficient in their job. The ambiance was great and the crowd seem to ebb and flow very naturally, but never becoming overwhelming.

      The next day my wife kept regretting that she hadn't asked where Michael had gotten the chocolates from, so we happened to walk past the bar on our daily outing and I popped in. I was able to snag a box from Michael who remembered us and again treated me as if I was a local.

      Great bar, great atmosphere, great people. Don't go there if you are looking for a Jaegerbomb and a wild party. Do go there if you want to experience a great bar in Amsterdam!

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      Informatie over de eigenaar van dit bedrijf

      Foto van Michael B.

      Michael B.

    • Foto van Isaac B.
      Isaac B.
      Franklin, Verenigde Staten
      20 jan 2021

      Very cool tucked away whiskey bar. Don't miss

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    • Foto van Meike V.
      Meike V.
      Hamburg, Duitsland
      15 okt 2015

      Came here simply looking for a nice and slightly quiter place than the soccer-fan-crowded bars of the surrounding, but found so much more!
      "No red bull, no Lady Gaga, 50 beers, 100 whiskeys", that slogan in the window tipped the scales to go inside. To keep it short: nice atmosphere, super friendly and very helpful barman, DELICIOUS beers, so much fun to taste different ones, relatively small place, we were even offered some cheese and gherkins, clean toilets (!), very reasonable prices, definetly going there again!

      Most importantly: the changing beers on tap
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      Informatie over de eigenaar van dit bedrijf

      Foto van Michael B.

      Michael B.

      15 okt 2015

      Meike, thank you very much for your wonderful review. We hope te see you again and will keep doing our best to keep you happy.

    • Foto van Pietronella K.
      Pietronella K.
      Keighley, Verenigd Koninkrijk
      14 aug 2018

      This Café is located on the Zeedijk. They call themselves a whiskey and beer café.
      We sat outside as it was a warm evening. Watching tourists and listening to proper Amsterdam ladies, with a drink in our hand. I chose a lemon Jenever as I am originally Dutch and you can't travel back to your home country and not have a Dutch drink right?
      With at least 50 speciality beers (12 on draft) and 113 different whiskeys they can clearly call themselves a whiskey café.
      The place is small and intimate and the owner was very friendly.
      They open from 5pm until 3 or 4 am.

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      Informatie over de eigenaar van dit bedrijf

      Foto van Michael B.

      Michael B.

      19 aug 2018

      Pietronella, thank you for your wonderfully thorough review.

    • Foto van Louis R.
      Louis R.
      Jersey City, Verenigde Staten
      6 okt 2014

      If I lived here, I'd hate tourists.

      This spot is where locals, least Dutch people, go to avoid y'all annoying tourists.

      The music is chill, the patrons are calm, the bartender was friendly and the Maes beers were cold and there was no Lady Gaga music blaring.

      Come here if you want a break from the masses roaming the red light district streets.

      Do it.

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    • Foto van Blue A.
      Blue A.
      Chicago, Verenigde Staten
      9 dec 2013

      This is the Cheers of Amsterdam! I felt like EVERYONE knew each other and even though we were obvious tourists the owners/staff were so warm and welcoming!

      The awesome Amsterdam CM, Flip, brought us here for a quick drink and to "live like a local" before heading over to the Red Light District (more on that in another review!). It's located in a rather small street, and the space itself isn't too large...but it sure is "homey".

      I tried a couple of belgian beers and then something magical happened....the staff began passing around a plate of cheese and sausages (with some delicious mustard) for everyone to nibble on. No, they were not selling was free! I was in shock..this doesn't happen in the bars I go to. The cheese was delicious and the sausages as well but when you dip it into the mustard it kicks it up a notch. They also had wine available (the wife said it was good! Good enough to warm you up that's for sure, as it was FREEZING outside, by our standards.)

      It seemed like every single person that walked in was greeted with hugs (and three kisses? I love that little touch they put on their greetings. Not one kiss like my Hispanic folks, not two kisses like the French, but THREE kisses, cheek to cheek). This certainly felt like the bar where EVERYONE knows your name!

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    • Foto van JS F.
      JS F.
      Irvington, Verenigde Staten
      28 jan 2019

      Found this place quite by accident. Loved the look of the place, the amazing beer and spirits selection - the knowledgeable and friendly bar staff, the friendly clientele. If you are visiting Amsterdam and are looking for a place mostly visited by locals - THIS IS THE PLACE. SEEK NO FURTHER. I look forward to visiting again and again on future visits to this great city. It's also not terribly expensive. I cannot recommend Cafe Zilt highly enough!

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      Informatie over de eigenaar van dit bedrijf

      Foto van Michael B.

      Michael B.

      29 jan 2019

      Dear Sir, thank you kindly for your wonderful review and full five star rating. Our heads are spinning!

    • Foto van Kim S.
      Kim S.
      Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
      31 dec 2011

      Great pub Thursday night in Amsterdam. The people,food and drinks rocked! The only downer was the smoke. Second hand smoke is never an ideal situation to be caught up in. Never the less, I would say the people,atmosphere,drinks and food made up for it, which is why I decided to stay a bit longer and enjoy the night away.

      I hung out with some great people and had a blast with the Amsterdam crew from yelp. It was great to finally have the pleasure of meeting the community manger of yelp. After meeting Phillipine, I totally see why she was selected to manage the yelp community in Amsterdam. She has a wide variety of flavors going on. After you have explored the center of Amsterdam or Red Light District, then I would suggest stopping into Cafe Zilt. It's a great place to grab a drink and snack on some appetizers with friends for a happily ever after ending.

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    • Foto van Jakub S.
      Jakub S.
      Krakau, Polen
      17 nov 2015

      This bar is hidden somewhere in the very center of the Amsterdam. It is not touristy and not hard to find either, but you'll find mostly local crowd.

      They have great whisky selection. If you fancy some scotch, this is the place to go! The bartender know his ways and always has some suggestions if you are not sure what you fancy or if you want to try as much new stuff as possible. You get your golden drink in pro tasting glasses, with a water pipette if you need to add some water. And it is not that pricy after all!

      I definitely recommend this experience!

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      Informatie over de eigenaar van dit bedrijf

      Foto van Michael B.

      Michael B.

      17 nov 2015

      Jakub, thanks for your review. It is always nice to have a few 'peat heads' pop in for a few drams of Scotland's national drink. Warm regards, Michael

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